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Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
11.11.22 1 2 Snap Seq M. Gallagher Rosa Linn Snap
23.10.23 2 Hearts on a highway 32 R. Vos Jill Johnson ft. Robin Stjernberg Miles of blue
17.01.17 2 Lane highway 64 G. O'Reilly Vince Gill Me & my girl
27.03.23 3 Tequila floor 32 M. Glover & J. Thompson Szymanski Josiah Siska 3 Tequila floor
30.10.12 50 ways 64 P. Stott Train 50 ways to say goodbye
17.10.14 911 48 K-H. Winson Keith Urban Cop car




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
17.07.09 A country boy Sec D. Villellas John Denver Thank god I'm a Country Boy
20.01.23 A country high 64 N. Gifford Sam Riggs High on a country song
01.03.08 A cowboy and a dancer 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Tracy Byrd A cowboy and a dancer
xx.xx.xx A devil in desquise 80 P. E. Stott & A. G. Birchall Dean Brothers
Elvis Presley
Devil in desquise
24.01.14 A little bit gypsy 32 N. Fitzgerald & J. Harris Kellie Pickler Little bit gypsy
10.06.16 A little love trip 32 J. Lockton & V. Morris Jerry Kilgore Love trip
Juli 07 A gigolo 40 R. Mc Gowan Hickie Helena Paparizou Gigolo
26.02.23 A hero AB
WS Feudenheim
32 A. Sleeth Adam Lambert Holding out for a hero
04.03.11 Abbronzatissima 32 D. Leibing Buddy & Meri Sommer lass mich nicht allein
20.05.16 About feelings 32 R. Vos Eric Church Mixed drink about feelings
06.11.09 Action 32 D. Bailey Toby Keith Little less talk and a lot more action
06.08.16 Ain't misbehavin' 48 G. Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski & A. Glass Pentatonix Misbehavin'
27.10.11 Alabama slammin' 48 R. McEnaney Laura Bell Bundy If you want my love
12.09.14 Alcazar 52 R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Alcazar Blame it on the disco
Mai 05 All day long 64 G. Lafferty Lonestar Mr. Mom
13.10.17 All god's children 36 Y. Anderson Robert Mizzell Travelling shoes
23.08.19 All I need to know 36 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Linda Ronstadt ft. Aaron Neville Don't know much
05.01.18 All katchi all night long Seq K. Maus Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse Katchi
Sep 05 All shook up Seq N. Fleetwood-Pyle Billy Joel All shook up
12.06.15 Alvaro 80 R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Alvaro Estrella All in my head
05.12.08 Amame 64 R McGowan Hickie Belle Perez Amame
14.02.20 Amazing waltz 48 M. Lee, M'sia Joey Yong
Carole King
Ming ri en dian
Way over yonder
09.10.18 American kids 32 R. Pelletier Kenny Chesney American kids
25.10.16 An underdog 64 J. Camps & D. Simons Aaron Watson The underdog
09.10.15 And get it on 32 D. Trepat & J. M. Belloque Vane Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor Marvin Gaye
14.11.08 And I liked it 32 M. Gallagher Katy Perry I kissed a girl
24.10.14 Angel in blue jeans 64 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Train Angel in blue jeans
03.02.23 Another on bites the dust 64 R. Hunt Alexander Jean Another on bites the dust
06.01.12 Another song 32 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Jacob Lyda Another song I hat to write
28.05.19 Are you with me 32 A. Müller Easton Corbin
Are you with me
Skyfall (4. Runde Restart)
16.02.24 Around the fire 48 k. Sala, C. Durand, D. Bailey & G. Richard James Johnston Old country barn
17.01.20 As you turn away 32 A. Gendre, B. Zerah, J. Tridon Lady Antebellum As you turn away
Mai 07 Ashes of love 48 R. & S. Krul Kentucky Headhunters Ashes of love
25.04.08 Aspire 48 B. & L. Ellis Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive
22.10.20 Ava's last laugh 48 R. Fowler & D. Tubridy Ava Max Who's laughing now




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
22.07.11 Baby ride easy 36 D. Davie Carlene Carter &
Dave Edmunds
Baby ride easy
Juli 06 Back again 48 R. McGowan Hickie Paul London Tornero
11.01.13 Back in time 112 R. McEnaney & G. Mundy Pitbull ft. Chris Brown Back in time
06.09.19 Back in town Seq S. Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski & J. Warren Matt Dusk Back in town
xx.xx.xx Bad boy tango 32 K. Sala Belle Perez Dime
19.07.21 Bad habits 64 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Ed Sheeran Bad habits
Nov 06 Bad moon on the rise 64 A. Biggs CCR Bad moon rising
xx.xx.xx Badda boom badda bang 32 K. Hunn Barry Manilow Freddie said
xx.xx.xx Banca cha 32 R. Sarlemijn & E. Roggeveen E-Type Banca cha
Okt 07 Bare essentials 64 C. Dimond Lee Kemaghan Bare essentials
30.08.13 Be my baby now 64 V. St. Pierre & R. McEnaney Leslie Grace Be my baby
Nov 05 Be strong 32 A. Watson Chris De Burgh The words "I love you"
08.11.08 Beauty's pit bull
(WS Dancing Friends)
48 Maxwell Bellamy Brothers, The Pit buss & Chain saws
Okt 06 Beer for my horses 40 C. Bass Toby Keith Beer for my horses
Aug 06 Before the devil 32 A. G. Birchall Rodney Atkins If you're going through hell
18.07.08 Better in time 32 D. Morgan & H. Harrison Leona Lewis Better in time
Sep 05 Better life 48 P. Metelnick Keith Urban Better life
Okt 06 Better off 48 J. Hammer Tracy Byrd I'm from the country
29.01.16 Better when I'm dancin' 64 J. Wetzel Meghan Trainor Better when I'm dancin'
23.10.18 Beyond beautiful 32 J. Wetzel Elton John Something about the way you look tonight
18.03.16 Big blue tree 32 R. Vos Michael English Big blue tree
27.02.09 Big girl boogie 32 M. Broom Mika Big girl
14.01.11 Big Jimmy 64 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Graeme Connors Big Jimmy & Felicidad
25.03.14 Billy Jean 32 R. Sarlemijn Michael Jackson Billie Jean
xx.xx.xx Black coffee 48 H. O'Malley Lacy J. Dalton Black coffee
06.11.12 Black heart 64 K. Sala Stooshe Black heart
28.06.21 Black hole (aka Big black hole) 64 J. Talbot Griff Black hole
Aug 05 Black horse 32 K. Sala K.T. Tunstall Black horse and the cherry tree
Juni 07 Black is black 88 W. Bos Los Bravos Black is black
25.09.15 Black magic 64 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Little Mix Black magic
14.09.12 Black train 32 Monika N. Josh Turner Long black train
15.06.12 The blarney roses 34 M. Gallagher Willoughby Brothers The blarney roses
24.08.18 Blaze of glory 32 S. Ward, N. Poulsen, S. McKeever & F. Whitehouse Bon Jovi Blaze of glory
06.04.18 Blessed 48 J. Miranda Elton John Blessed
13.01.23 Blinding lights 32 G. Schneider The Weeknd Blinding lights
21.01.11 Blue night cha 32 K. Ray Michael learns to rock Blue night
09.11.10 The blues is alright 48 P. v. Grootel Milton Campbell The blues is alright
13.08.13 Blurred lines 64 R. McEnaney Robin Thicke Blurred lines
01.08.14 The boat to Liverpool 32 R. Brown Nathan Carter On the boat to Liverpool
28.09.10 Bobbi with an I 48 R. McEnaney Phil Vassar Bobbi with an I
17.11.07 Bobby Jo 32 R. Fowler Toby Keith Aa good as i once was
21.08.15 The bomp 64 K. Ray The Overtones Who put the bomp?
Nov 06 Bomshel stomp 48 J. Marshall & K. Hedges Bomshel Bomshel stomp
28.02.22 Bonaparte's retreat 32 M. Glover Glen Campbell Bonaparte's retreat
27.02.12 Boot camp swing 48 M. Burton & M. Barr E. C. Scott If you don't love me
07.04.17 Bored 32 R. Vos Eric Hutchinson Bored to death
Feb 06 Bosa nova 64 P. Dennington Jane McDonald Blame it on the Bossa Nova
11.03.22 Braggin on ya 32 M. Müller Rachele Lynae Braggin on ya
April 07 Brand new girlfriend 32 T. Lawrence & V. Fisher Steve Holy Brand new girlfriend
xx.xx.xx The break 64 M. Gallagher Ronan Hardiman Breakout
22.07.22 Break into my heart 32 D. Bailey Daughtry Break into my heart
03.10.17 Break my heart 32 D. Gregory Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefanie Go ahead and breake my heart
Mai 07 Bridge over troubled water 64 P. Melelnick & A. Biggs Hannah Jones Bridge over troubled water
22.09.23 Bright eyes 32 J. MB Vane RONDE Bright eyes
26.08.16 Bring on the good times 32 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher Lisa McHugh Bring on the good times
12.03.10 Broken heels 64 J.&J. Kinser Alexandra Burke Broken heels
06.09.09 Broken stones 32 D. Musk Paul Weller Broken stones
März 06 Brokenheartsville 60 P. Metelnick Joe Nichols Brokenheartsville
19.07.13 Bruises 32 N. Poulsen Train feat Ashley Monroe Bruises
07.01.11 Bumpy ride 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Mohombi Bumpy ride
25.02.11 Burlesque 64 N. Gifford Cher Welcome to burlesque
WS 2
Burn my tongue
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 J.P. Madge, R. Lee, T. Johnson & G. Danvoie Jason Derulo & Micheal Buble Spicy Margarita
Mai 07 Burning love 32 C. Sildatke Travis Tritt Burning love
Aug 07 Buy me a drink 32 M. Gallagher Lorrie Morgan Do you still wanna buy me that drink
Juni 05 Buy me a rose 32 R. Fowler Glenn Rogers Buy me a rose
09.08.21 Bye bye bye 32 A. Müller YouNotUs feat. Michael Schulte Bye bye bye




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
02.10.09 C.C.S. 32 T. Davis & J. Hammer David Kersh If I never stop loving you
07.10.11 Caballero 64 I. Weisburd Orchestra Mario Riccardi Caballero
xx.xx.xx California blue 48 J. Bridgeman Roy Orbison California blue
27.04.12 Calling Memphis 76 J. Brown Toby Keith Memphis
01.02.11 Calypso Mexico 64 R. Vos Bouke Calypso Mexico
14.06.21 Can we just? Seq T. Johnson & J.P. Madge Jason Derulo & Nuka Love not war (The Tampa Beat)
xx.xx.xx Canadian stomp 36 Unbekannt Shania Twain Any man of mine
22.02.09 Cabo San Lucas 32 R. Ghazali Toby Keith Cabo San Lucas
23.12.11 Caribbean pearl 64 M. Gallagher Scotty The black pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit)
Dez. 04 Caught in the act 64 A. Wood Glenn Frey Who's been sleeping in my bed
13.03.15 Cecilia 32 W. Brown & H. Barton The Vamps ft. Shawn Mendes Oh Cecilia
08.05.18 Celtic duo 64 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Anton & Sully Celtic duo
01.07.14 Celtic heartbeat 64 M. Gallagher Can-Linn (feat Kasey Smith) Heartbeat
Jan. 07 Celtic kittens 32 M. Gallagher Ronan Hardiman Celtic kittens
24.09.13 Celtic teartrops 32 M. Gallagher Emmelie de Forest Only teardrops
Sep. 05 Cha cha groove 32 Masters in Line Kenny Chesney When the sun goes down
25.09.09 Cha cha with me 32 N. Poulsen Michael Bolton Dance with me
08.09.17 Champagne promise 32 T. Argyle David Nail Champagne promise
01.04.22 Chasing shots 32 M. Glover & S. Ward Taylor Moss Chaser
03.08.20 Changes Seq A. Müller Ilse DeLange Changes
Sep. 06 Chattahoochee 48 Unbekannt Alan Jackson Chattahoochee
22.11.11 Cheek to cheek 64 R. Fowler Glenn Rogers Cheek to cheek
26.11.19 Cherry on top Seq D. Rushton, G. Richard & D. Bailey Johnny Stimson Gimme gimme
xx.xx.xx Cherry poppin' 72 N. Fitzgerald & J. Harris Christina Aguilera Candyman
Jan. 05 Cheyenne rock 46 V. Reeves Hal Ketchum Tonight we might just fall in love...
28.05.10 Chica boom boom 32 V. Morris Alex Swings Oscar Sings Boom boom goes my heart
19.11.19 Chicago gold 64 F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat & S. Ward Beau Monga Gold digger
12.06.09 Chicken fried stomp 64 Y. Hlousek Zac Brown Band Chicken fried
Jan. 07 Chill factor 48 D. Whittaker & H. Westhead Chris Anderson Last night
März 06 Chiky latino 64 K. Sala Oreja Manana por la manana
06.10.17 Clap snap 96 P. Sobrielo & R. Lee Icona Pop Clap snap
Nov. 04 Cliche 34 K. Sala Travis Tritt If the fall don't kill you
29.11.16 Cliche love song 32 Jo Thompson Szymanski, G. Mundy & J. H. Robinson Basim Cliche love song
Aug. 07 Clickety clack 68 P. Metelnick & K. Hunyadi Travis Tritt Southbound train
Juni 05 Closer 32 M. Kelly Susan Ashton Closer
04.12.12 Coastin' 40 T. & R. Yeoman Ronan Hardiman Lord of the dance
02.04.19 Codigo 32 P. Stott George Strait Codigo
15.08.09 Cody's waltz
(WS Old Stuff)
30 J. Zimmermann Cody Jinks Cast no stones
10.06.22 Cold heart 32 M. Glover Elton John & Dua Lipa Cold heart (PNAU Remix)
April 06 Come dance with me 32 Jo Thompson Nancy Hays Come dance with me
30.09.22 Confident 64 A. Glass & D. Bailey Demi Lovato Confident
Dez. 06 Cool dance 40 Unbekannt Billy Ray Cyrus Achy breacky heart
WS 1
Cooler than me
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 J. Downing Mike Posner Cooler than me
xx.xx.xx Copperhead road 20 Unbekannt Steve Earl Copperhead road
10.02.23 Corn 32 R. Fowler Blake Shelton Corn
22.08.14 Corn don't grow 64 T. Argyle Travis Tritt Where corn don't grow
xx.xx.xx Cotton eye Joe 16 Unbekannt Rednex Cotton Eye Joe
April 05 Country 2 Step 40 Masters In Line Jerry Kilgore I Jjust want my baby back
07.11.08 Country as a boy can be 64 C. Slijters Brady Seals Country as a boy can be
15.08.08 Country boy Jackson 40 A. Müller Alan Jackson Country boy
26.08.11 Cowboy cowboy 32 D. Albro Brooks & Dunn Cowboy cowboy
24.07.23 Country nights 48 M. Gallgher & G.O'Reilley Sean Fahy Stay the night
23.12.22 Country touch 32 D. Bailey & F. Whitehouse James Johnston Country boys
Dez. 04 Cowboy up! 32 S. Finnegan Clay Walker Bury the shovel
Nov. 06 Crazy.... 32 N. Fitzgerald Gnarls Barkley Crazy
März 07 Crazy cha 64 R. McGowan Hickie Miguel Angel Munoz Diras que estoy logo
Nov. 04 Crazy little things 48 C. Hodgson Dwight Yoakam Dean Brothers Crazy little thing called love
19.04.08 Crazy foot mambo 32 P. McAdams Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels If you wanna be happy
06.09.11 Creep on in 32 P. v. Grootel Norah Jones & Dolly Parton Creepin' in
24.07.12 Creepin' up on you 48 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Darren Hayes Creepin' up on you
Okt. 07 Cripple creek 48 K. Sweeney Jim Rast & Knee Deep Cripple creek
xx.xx.xx Cry to me 32 P. McAdam Solomon Burke Cry to me
09.06.23 Crystal cha 32 M. Glover & S. Ward Aaron Goodvin Every time you take your time
Okt. 14 Cupid shuffle 32 B. Bryson Cupid Cupid shuffle
Feb. 13 Cute! cute! cute! 32 K. Gurdijan Steve Holy Brand new girlfriend




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
11.04.22 Daily 64 R. Hadisubroto & F. Murray Vinchenzo Daily
02.11.18 Damn!!!!! 48 R. Fowler Brett Kissel Damn!
10.07.12 Dance again 64 R. Vos Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull Dance again
21.02.20 Dance monkey dance Seq F. Murray & R. Hadisubroto Tones & I Dance monkey
01.08.08 Dance like you're the only one 32 T. Lawrence & V. Fisher David Jordan Sun goes down
17.02.12 Dance with me tonight 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Olly Murs Dance with me tonight
07.09.08 Dance with the one that... 32 M. Risley Shania Twain Dance with the one that brou....
30.03.08 Dancing in the dark 32 Jo Thompson Szymanski Gary Allan Smoke rings in the dark
26.04.24 Dancing in your arms 32 M. Furnell & C. Godden Rita Ora You & I
Jan 06 Dancing on a saturday night 64 M. Gallagher Deans Dancing on a saturday night
04.09.12 Dancing with cupid 64 K. Sala Daniel Powter Cupid
29.09.17 Dancin' the dust 32 T. Argyle Jon Pardi Dirt on my boots
31.01.22 Danger twins 32 K-H. Winson & J. Barnfield Danger Twins Movin'
20.04.12 Danza kuduro 64 J. M. Belloque-Vane & A. Torti Don Omar ft. Lucenzo Danca kuduro
10.07.15 Darling hold my hand 64 N. Fitzgerald & J. Harris Jess Glymne Hold my hand
03.04.10 Dawning 32 D. Trepat Wynonna New day dawning
28.03.22 Daynight 32 P. Steinborn & E. Ruhnau Joel Corry ft. Mabel I wish
17.03.17 Dear friend 56 K. Sala Ward Thomas Carry you home
Sep 07 Deck 51 68 E. Lawton & M. White Eric Heatherley Flowert on the wall
02.06.23 Devil in a dress 48 N. Poulsen Teddy Swims Devil in a dress
21.10.11 Devotion 56 M. Gallagher Sanna Nielsen Devotion
12.12.22 Dim the lights 48 M. Glover & S. Ward Luke Combs The kind of love we make
April 05 Do wop be doo be doo 32 G. Teather Bay City Rollers Shang a lang
09.01.23 Do it with style 32 M. Gagnon & S. Beauchamp Danger Twins Style
02.06.17 Dig your heels Seq M. Glover The McClymonts Here's to you and I
01.10.21 Digital age 68 D. Trepat & R. Verdonk Phreefall ft. Flemming Digital age
04.05.08 Ding ding dong 64 Z. Detweiler & S. Riley Tim Tim Singalongsong
22.04.23 Dip to the bass
WS Bubenheim
32 C. Gonzalez & R. McEnaney Olly Murs ft. Snoop Dogg Moves
14.12.12 Disappearing taillights 32 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Gord Bamford Disappearing taillights
24.04.18 Dive right in 48 W. Craig Ed Sheeran Dive
xx.xx.xx Dizzy 32 Jo Thompson Scooter Lee Dizzy
09.01.23 Do it with style 32 M. Gagnon & S. Beauchamp Danger Twins Style
Juli 07 Doctor, Doctor 80 Masters in Line Robert Palmer Bad case of loving you
14.02.22 Dolly's waltz 48 R. Sarlemijn Dolly Parton Sandy's song
März 12 Domino 64 R. McEnaney Jessie J Domino
02.08.13 Don't distrub me 64 N. Poulsen Avicii Wake me up
Dez. 06 Don't feel like dancing 64 P. E. Stott Scissor Sisters I don't feel like dancing
28.02.14 Don't say goodbye 32 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick The Overtones Breaking up is hard to do
29.09.23 Don't think twice (NDX 2023) 64 M. Furnell & C. Godden Rita Ora Don't think twice
21.10.22 Don't you worry 64 A. Birchall & J. Jax Black Eyed Peas, Shakira & David Guetta Confident
Sep. 06 Down on the corner 32 P. Metelnick Mavericks Down on the corner
03.12.13 Dream lover 64 D. Whittaker Jason Donovan Dream lover
24.02.17 Drift away 32 R. Fowler Nathan Carter Drift away
07.07.23 Drinkaby 48 R. McEnaney Cole Swindell Drinkaby
Jan. 07 Drinks for two 64 Ed Lawton Lonestar Two bottles of beer
16.11.10 Drip droppin 48 K. Sala Alexandra Burke Start without you
08.06.12 Drive by 64 D. Whittaker Train Drive by
10.10.13 Driven 84 R. Fowler Casey James Drive
19.06.09 Drivin' my live away 36 M. & J. Castle Rhett Akins Driving my life away
xx.xx.xx Drowsy Maggie 32 M. Gallagher Fables Cock of the north
18.04.10 Duck soup 32 F. Trace Shelby Lynne Restless




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
09.05.08 Eagles rock 64 G. Teather The Eagles How long
13.06.08 East bound & down 2000 32 K. Hunyadi Jerry Reed East bound and down
Okt. 06 East to west 96 L. Hayden Modern Talking Coast to coast
28.07.17 East to west 17 32 A. Johnstone & S. Ward Train Play that song
13.09.11 Easy come, easy go 32 C. Larsen & H. Elverum Bruno Mars Grenade
01.02.19 Echame la culpa 32 J. Camps& R. Verdonk Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato Echame la culpa
01.01.24 El merengue 32 R. Sarlemijn, D. Bailey, I. Weisburd, R Shepherd & R. Verdonk Marshmello & Manuel Turizo El merengue
xx.xx.xx Electric slide 22 R. Silver Marcia Griffiths Electric boogie
Sep. 06 Enchantment 32 Jo Thompson Szymanski Dean Brothers Land of Enchantment
29.09.12 Eternal star 64 C. Hodgson DJ Ötzi & Bellamy Brothers Like a Star
02.10.15 Eureka 32 R. Mc Gowan Hickie Leslie Clio My heart ain't that broken
Jan. 06 (Every) Cotton pickin' morning 32 S. Mason Blake Shelton Every cotton pickin' time
03.08.12 Eres Tu 64 Al. Biggs & P. Metelnick Prince Royce Eres tu
xx.xx.xx Everybody´s someone 40 M. Gallagher LeAnn Rimes & Brian McFadden Everybody's Someone
31.08.10 Everythin I do 32 R. McEnaney Brandy (Everything I do) I do it for you
25.06.19 Everything I have 32 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher Westlife Better man
13.05.16 Ex's and oh's 32 A. Glass Elle King Ex's and oh's




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
21.08.23 Faithful soul 90 M. Gallgher & G.O'Reilley Celtic Woman Faith's song
23.08.13 Fake I.D.
(aktuelle Version aus 2018)
48 J. Sims Big & Rich ft. Gretchen Wilson Fake I.D.
Feb. 07 Feel the magic 64 G. Lafferty Eric Carmen Hungry eyes
06.09.13 Feet don't fail me now 68 P. Metelnick Montgomery Gentry Hillbilly shoes
05.10.10 Fiesta 64 R. McGowan Hickie El Simbolo Como te quiero mi amor
29.08.09 Find a way 32 M. Furnell & J. & J. Kinser Bayje Find a way
25.11.22 Find your groove 64 G. Richard, D. Rushton, A. Glass Armin van Buuren ft. Conrad Sewell Sex, Love & Water
25.06.10 Fiona 32 M. Barr Melanie Fiona Gibe it to me right
05.09.08 Fire on ice 64 K. Sala Mark Medlock Why this kiss
10.02.15 Fireball 64 K. Sala Pitbull ft. John Ryan Fireball
Juli 05 Firedance 32 M. Gallagher Princesses of Violin Firedance
09.10.12 Firestorm 64 A. Castagnoli Karen Mc Dawn Cajun hoedown
xx.xx.xx Fisher's hornpipe 32 V. Reeves David Schnaufer Fisher's hornpipe
18.11.22 Flaws 40 M. Gallagher C. Scott Flaws
29.07.11 Flobie slide 32 F. Cook Toby Keith A little less talk and a lot...
29.07.11 The flute 64 M. Gallagher The Barcode Brothers Flute
25.04.14 Fly high 64 M. Gallagher Gary Barlow Let me go
08.05.12 Flying without wings 32 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Westlife Flying without wings
12.09.08 Foolish 48 Na. A. Morgan Johnny Mathis Foolish
03.02.12 Footloose 48 R. Fowler Blake Shelton Footloose
12.01.18 Forget-me-not 64 P. Stott Ronnie Milsap (There's) No gettin' over me
01.02.08 Four horses 64 Unbekannt Steve Earle Copperhead road
09.11.12 Friday night cowgirl 32 K, & P. Lienert Wenche Friday night cowboy
05.03.19 From a distance 32 P. G. Sobrielo Bette Midler From a distance
Mai 05 From zero to hero 32 R. Stojetz Sarah Connor From zero to hero
21.04.17 Funky sole 64 R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Michael Bolton Old time rock & roll




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
26.06.15 The galway gathering 32 M. Gallagher Nathan Carter Games people play
24.04.15 The gambler 32 G. Dube & D. Henley Kenny Rogers The gambler (Robert Wilsdon Remix)
02.12.22 Get it 32 A. Glass, D. Bailey Ruby Velle Go get it
28.09.18 Get it right 32 M. Glover Steve Moakler Hard not to love it
16.06.23 Get rollin' 32 R. Hadisubroto & F. Murray Nickelback High time
31.05.19 Get wild 64 M. Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski LOLO Wild
03.11.15 Girl crush 32 A. Johnstone & R. McEnaney Little Big Town Girl crush
24.09.21 Give me Shivers 64 J. Wetzel Ed Sheeran Shivers
17.07.23 Give me your tempo 32 N. Gardiner Matteo Bocelli Tempo
16.11.18 Globetrottin' 64 D. Trepat, S. Ward & F. Whitehouse Lukas Graham Off to see the world
16.08.21 Good to go 32 S. Blevins LONIS ft. Daphne Willis Good to go
13.02.15 Got my baby back 32 M. Gallagher Derek Ryan I got my baby back
22.01.19 Graffiti 32 K. H. Winson Keith Urban Never comin down
15.10.21 Great spirit 32 J. Dahlgren, J&J Kinser ... Armin van Buuren ft. Vini Vici Great spirit
15.08.22 Green green grass 32 K-H. Winson George Ezra Green green grass
07.08.18 Groovy love 32 F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat & J. Dahlgren Saint Lanvain ft. Rahmsed If Jesus loves me
04.10.12 Guere guere 32 D. Trepat Guere guere (Radio edit) Alex Ferrari
19.08.16 Gypsy queen 32 H. Pace Chris Norman Gypsy queen




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
WS 2
Hand on heart
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 G. Richard & D. Rushton Jax Jones & Calum Scott Whistle
13.12.19 Half past tipsy 48 M. Glover & R. McEnaney-White Luke Combs ft. Brooks & Dunn 1, 2 Many
28.06.13 Hallelujah 68 A. Castrognoli The Samaritans Joy's gonna comme in the morning
17.01.20 Happy people 64 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Little Big Town Happy People
09.03.18 Havana ooh-na-na 32 J. Wetzel Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug Havana
09.10.23 Heart of the darkness 80 R. McEnaney & L. Gordon Tommee Profitt & Sam Tinnesz Heart of the darkness
03.01.17 Heaven on earth 96 S. Ward & M. Jakobsen Roxette Anyone
21.07.15 Heavenly cha 32 D. Musk Brandy Clark What'll keep me out of heaven
19.09.14 He's italiano 64 W. Bos Elena Gheorghe ft. Glance Mama mia (He's italiano)
27.08.22 Here we go 64 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher Wildflowers ft. Jason Dering Here I go
21.02.14 Hey brother 64 G. Schneider & M. Ecke Avicii Hey brother
01.12.23 Hey now 32 R. Verdonk & R. Sarlemijn Ira Losco Hey now
23.06.23 Hill of hope Seq F. Murray, R. Hadisubroto, M. Glover, N. Poulsen Hannah Grace & Sonny Tennet What's up?
09.05.14 His only need 32 R. Vos Wynonna Judd She is his only need
17.01.14 Hit the road Jack 48 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick The Overtones ft. Beverley Knight Hit the road Jack
12.04.24 Hold me now 32 R. Sarlemijn, R. Hadisubroto, J. Dahlgren Johnny Logan Hold me now (Dance Version)
17.06.22 Hold my hand 48 J. Talbot & A. Johnstone Lady Gaga Hold my hand
05.11.19 Hold your horses 64 A. T. Kinson & T. Mickers E-Type Hold your horses
19.03.19 Hourglass 64 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Alice Chater Hourglass
03.02.17 Human after all 32 R. Vos Rag'n'Bone Man Human
03.04.23 Hurt me carefully 48 R. Voss Beth Hart Take it easy on me
02.03.18 Hurts like a cha cha 64 S. Ward, D. Trepat & F. Whitehouse James Morrison Nothing ever hurt like you




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
07.10.23 I got a problem
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 A. Storsveen Drake Milligan I got a problem
12.05.23 I got burned 32 K-H. Winson Ofenbach ft. The Bamboos I got burned
15.09.23 I mean business 48 S. McKeever & F. Whitehouse LG (Team Genius) I mean business
19.08.16 I see me 40 T. Argyle Travis Tritt I see me
28.10.22 I'm fabulous 32 R. Lee & N. Poulsen C.U.T. Fabulous
27.10.23 I'm haunted 64 S. McKeever Ava Max Ghost
29.04.22 I'm on my way 32 M. Gallagher Celtic Thunder Toora Loora Lay
05.05.23 If I fall 32 J.M. Belloque Vane Billy Currington Let me down easy
30.06.23 If you believe 32 G. O'Reilley Strive to Be & Patch Crowe If you believe
11.04.14 In my heart 48 M. Gallagher Shane Filan Knee deep in my heart
26.02.23 In the dark (2022) 32 G. Schneider Purple Disco Machine In the dark
20.08.20 Intrigue 32 R. Fowler Lionel Richie Dance the night away
10.03.23 Irish boots Seq I. Verhagen, K. Sala & J. Camps Phil Dust & Jaron Strom Head over boots
Aug. 08 Irish spirit 32 M. Gallagher David KIng Celtic rock
Feb. 06 Island in the stream 32 K. Jones Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Island in the stream
10.05.19 It's up to You 32 K. Ray Barbara Streisand It's up to you




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
19.05.23 Jhoome (aka Swing) 64 M. Furnell & C. Godden Vishal & Shekhar Jhoome Jo Pathaan
20.09.21 Jetlagged 32 J. Müller & C. Stimson Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield Jet lag
23.01.23 Jumanji 64 G. Richard & J.M.B Vane Hedegaard & Cancun Jumanji
09.04.19 Just A phase 32 F. Whitehouse & M. Glover Adam Craig Just a phase




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
26.05.17 Kiss the sky 64 N. Fitzgerald & J. Harris Jason Derulo Kiss the sky
22.11.13 Knockin' on wood 64 D. Whittaker & K. H. Winson Safari Duo Knock on wood




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
20.03.20 La bomba 64 F. Whitehous & S. McKeever Rak-Su La bomba
13.03.20 La fiesta cubana 32 R. Verdonk & D. Trepat Alvaro Soler Puebla
24.01.17 La tenga 60 K. Sala David Civera Que la detengan
21.07.17 Lady in red 48 S. Ward Chris DeBurgh Lady in red
11.08.23 The last hurrah 64 R. Hadisubroto, F. Murray. M. Glover, S. Ward Rita Ora ft. Fatboy Slim Praising you
12.02.16 Lay low 32 D. Bailey Josh Turner Lay low
10.03.17 Let it swing 32 J. Barnfield Bobbysocks Let it swing
08.10.19 Life is worth living 32 D. Trepat, F. Whitehouse, D. Bailey & R. Verdonk Rachel Talbott Life is worth living
22.04.22 Light me up 32 J. M. Belloque Vane & G. Richard R3HAB, ZAYN & Jungleboi Flames
17.11.23 Light that fire 48 R. McEnaney & S. McKeever Oh the Larceny Light that fire
15.08.14 Little bit cajun 32 R. Fowler Tim Redmond Empty
02.05.14 Little bit of everything 32 A. Churm Keith Urban Little bit of everything
26.02.24 Little heartbreak 32 J. Camps, R. Verdonk Richard Marx Same heartbreak different day
15.01.16 Locklin's bar 32 M. Gallagher Michael English Locklin's bar
17. Juni Lonely drum 32 D. Mitchell Aaron Goodvin Lonely drum
21.10.16 The long way home 32 M. Sorensen John Derek Ryan The long way home
22.01.24 Lose control 64 B. Mather Teddy Swims Lose control
02.07.19 Love is loud 64 R. McGowan Hickie Sofia Reyes Louder!
24.11.23 Love love 32 S. Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Sofi Tukker Wet tennis
19.06.15 Love me like you do 64 R. Vos Ellie Goulding Love me like you do
19.05.17 Love remains 48 G. O'Reilly Hillary Scott & The Scott Family Love remains
WS 1
Lucky tonight
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 C. Rowe Meghan Trainor Lucky




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
06.03.18 Mack the knife 64 R. McEnaney Brian Setzer Orchestra Mack the knife
08.04.24 Magic nights 32 N. Poulsen BEN & TAN Summer nights
29.05.22 Make it 48 R. Fowler Jake Reese Make it
Make this day 64 R. McEnaney Zac Brown Band Make this day
26.10.14 Makita 32 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Jamie O'Neal Just one time
08.01.24 Man on a mission 32 G. O'Reilley & N. Poulsen Oh The Larceny Man on a mission
07.10.16 Manjaro 64 R. McGowan Hickie Charlie Puth ft. Shy Carter As you are
Apr 11 Martini moments 64 F. Sittrop Caro Emerald A night like this
01.01.24 Mary 32 R. Sarlemijn Richard Marx Hazard
14.10.14 Mein Herz es brennt 32 T. Jentzsch Beatrice Egli Mein Herz
17.11.17 Melodia 64 K. Ray & T. Argyle Joey Montana La melodia
08.05.15 Memphis love 32 V. Morris Roch Voisine That's how I got to Memphis
07.06.13 Mexi-fest 64 K. Sala The Mavericks Back in your arms again
17.02.17 Missing 32 H. Barton William Michael Morgan Missing
10.01.17 More than amigos 64 M. Hennings Hunt Jesse & Joy More than amigos
03.01.20 Morning sun 64 R. McGowan Hickie Sundance Head Close enough to walk
09.07.21 My bestie 64 C. Ghys & J.M. Belloque Vane Justin Wellington ft. Small Jam Iko iko
30.08.19 My miracle 32 V. Morris Brad Paisley My miracle




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
16.08.20 Naked 32 A. Yusran Jonas Blue, MAX Naked
25.04.17 Nancy Mulligan 32 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Ed Sheeran Nancy Mulligan
04.11.22 Never fool me 48 R. Hadisubroto, S. McKeever & J. Thompson Szymanski Matt Dusk Never gonna fool me
02.01.23 Never gonna not dance 72 M. Glover Pink Never gonna not dance again
02.06.15 New shade of blue 64 Y. Anderson Southern Pacific New shade of blue
15.11.13 Nights like this 32 J. Barten James Blunt Bonfire heart
07.01.20 No matter 32 E. Adler Jack Radics No matter
16.08.17 No roots 64 D. Meessen Alice Merton No roots
22.09.17 No sun on sunday! 32 N. Poulsen James Blunt Sun on sunday
06.07.20 Nobody Seq S. Blevins Ariana Grande & Chaka Khan Nobody
05.04.19 Nothing but you 64 D. Bailey Leaving Austin Nothing but you




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
09.02.19 Oh me oh my oh 48 R. Fowler Derek Ryan Oh me oh my oh
23.01.15 Oh my love 32 D. Bailey Rea Garvey Oh my love (Radio Edit)
03.09.19 The older I get 32 W. Bos & Y. Smeets Alan Jackson The older I get
05.02.13 Open heart cowboy 64 Sandrine & Magali Dean Brody Little yellow blanket
19.12.14 The other side (Wow Hawaii) 64 W. Craig, J. & J. Kinser, K. Sala, R. McEnaney, N. Poulsen, R. Verdonk Jason Derulo The other side
03.11.23 Our own party 32 R. Hadisubroto, S. McKeever & Jo Thompson Szymanski The Busker Dance (Our own party)
31.11.10 Out & jump 32 R. Ghazali Lou Bega Jump into my bed
xx.xx.xx Overload 32 P. McAdam &
R. McEnaney
Zappa Costa Overload




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
16.10.20 Para para ti 32 J. Andrizal DJ Kimko & DJ Sanny J ft. Neon e Adrian Rivas Para ti
14.02.14 Paradise city 48 K. Sala, C. Bennett & DAP Cher I hope you find it
28.11.14 Pavement ends 44 G. Schneider Little Big Town Pavement ends
29.12.15 Peligrosa 32 R. Vos Javier Rios Peligrosa
13.04.18 People are good 64 G. O'Reilly Luke Bryan Most people are good
07.05.22 Peppermint twist 48 Jo Thompson Szymanski & R. Verdonk Sha Na Na Peppermint twist
07.11.17 Perfect 32 A. Johnstone & J. Talbot Ed Sheeran Perfect
20.02.15 Piano man 48 R. McGowan Hickie & T. Vassell Pete Stothard Shake your boogie and roll
14.10.16 Pieces 32 D. Betts Rob Thomas Pieces
22.10.21 Please dance with me 16 J. M. Belloque Vane Caleb and Kelsey Dance with me
15.10.19 Pocket of hearts 32 M. Gallagher Imogen Clark Collide
11.12.23 Poetry in motion 32 Masters in Line Liberty X
The Eagles
The Poet
Hotel California (Accustic)
15.01.24 Pony time 80 I. Verhagen, M. Risley Great 'O' Music Workout
Chubby Checker
Pony time
2006 Pot of gold 32 L. Hrycan Ronan Hardiman Dance above the rainbow
19.02.19 Power over me 48 R. Verdonk, A. Rosendahl Dam & J. Camps Dermot Kennedy Power over me




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
21.09.10 Quarter after one 56 L. J. Hubbard Lady Antebellum Need you now
07.09.07 Que hiciste Seq A. Müller &
A. Castello
Jennifer Lopez Que hiciste (Radio Edit)
29.07.16 The queen 32 R. Lemaire, G. Richard & G. Bachellerie Christine and The Queens Christine




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
16.05.14 Raggle taggle gypsy o 32 M. Gallagher Derek Ryan Raggle taggle gypsy
08.10.21 Raised like that 32 D. Bailey James Johnston Raised like that
19.02.10 Rain against my window 32 M. Barr Seal I can't stand the rain
17.06.14 Rather be 64 D. Musk Rather Be Clean bandit
xx.xx.xx Razor sharp 40 S. Sunter Ronan Hardiman Siamsa
01.04.16 The real deal 48 H. Barton & W. Brown Darius Rucker ft Mallary Hope Baby I'm right
xx.xx.xx Red hot salsa 64 C. Browne Dave Sheriff Red hot salsa
Mai 07 Redneck 48 D. Hoyn Alan Jackson It's alright to be a redneck
13.01.08 Reet petite 48 Lady In Black Jackie Wilson Reet petite
21.05.13 Reflection 64 A. Johnstone Mind Reflection Da roots (ITG or Folk Mix)
xx.xx.xx Reggae cowboy 24 Unbekannt Bellamy Brothers Get into reggae cowboy
14.01.20 Remember you young 48 A. Storsveen & Jo Thompson Szymanski Thomas Rhett Remember you young
19.07.11 Return to sender 32 M. Vleugels Elvis Presley Return to sender
08.08.22 Reunited! 32 N. Poulsen Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard Undivided
14.05.10 Rhyme or reason 64 R. McEnaney Sugarland It happens
05.11.21 Ring ding 48 M. Furnell & C. Godden Nathan Evans Ring ding (A Scotsman's story)
Jan 07 Rio 32 D. Lowery Mestizzo Patricia
28.08.15 Roads 52 M. Gallagher Lawson Roads
02.12.07 Rock 'n' roll 32 R. McGowan Hickie Bellamy Brothers Rockin' around the christmas...
Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer
27.03.15 Rock & roll king 64 R. McEnaney Electric Light Orchestra Rock and roll is King
17.08.12 Rock paper scissors 36 M. Gallagher Katzenjammer Rock-paper-scissors
Sep 06 Rockabilly riot 64 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Deans
Brian Setzer
Return to sender
Peroxide blonde
11.01.09 Rollin' with the flow 32 J. Rowell Mark Chesnutt Rollin' with the flow
18.10.19 Rolling with love 40 H. Barton & S. Ward Delta Goodrem Hopelessly devoted to you
25.03.11 Rolling in the deep 64 M. Gallagher Adele Rolling in the deep
15.08.09 Roomba 32 G. Mundy Pibull I know you want me
21.11.17 Roots 48 T. Argyle Zac Brown Band Roots
05.05.17 Rose from the sea (Rosa del mar) 32 R. Ghazali-Meaney Gabe Garcia Rosa del mar
April 08 Rose garden 32 Jo Thompson Scooter Lee Rose garden
xx.xx.xx Rose-a-lee 48 P. Klitgaard Smokie Rose-a-lee
April 07 Rubitin 32 M Gallagher Jeff Bates Rub it in
11.01.22 Rude dude 32 M. Paulino T-Pain ft. Teddy Verseti Church (Shortcut Version)
14.10.22 Run di road 32 F. Murray & R. Hadisubroto HoodCelebrityy Run di road
01.09.17 Run me like a river 32 J. & J. Kinser, G. Richard, R. Verdonk & J. Camps Bishop Briggs River




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
28.04.23 Salome 32 D. Geelen & C. Ghys Chayanne Salome
15.05.18 Sambarito 48 K. Ray, P. Stott & T. Argyle Sofia Reyes (ft. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto) 1,2,3
22.04.16 Save the day 32 K. H. Winson Charlie Puth One call away
05.02.16 Sax 64 M. Gallagher Fleur East Sax
20.12.16 Say it again 32 K. Sala Frances Say it again
10.10.14 Scotia samba 64 Liz & Bev Clarke The Mevericks Dance the night away
22.12.15 Second hand heart 64 M. Gallagher Ben Haenow ft. Kelly Clarkson Second hand heart
23.11.18 Second time around 64 F. Whitehouse & D. Bailey Jack Mosbacher The second time around
01.11.19 Senorita la-la-la 32 J. Wetzel Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Senorita
02.02.18 Sexy beaches Seq D. Musk, F. Whitehouse, G. Mundy & N. Poulsen Pitbull (ft. Chloe Angelides) Sexy beaches
01.01.24 Sexy lady 32 R. Sarlemijn, R. Verdonk & D. Bailey John West & Lange Frans Sexy lady
14.04.17 Shady 32 D. Bailey, F. Whitehouse, A. Glass Adam Lambert Shady
10.10.17 Shakatak 64 K. Sala Shakira Ciega, sordomuda
06.06.17 Shape of you 32 T. Thornton, B. Swift Ed Sheeran Shape of you
07.05.19 Shania Twain 96 CountryBell (M. Bello) Aura Dione Shania Twain
27.12.13 The shoebox 64 D. Musk Chris Young The shoebox
10.01.14 Shout shout 32 Y. Zielonka Rocky Sharpe & The Replays Shout shout (Knock yourself out)
16.05.22 Shouting to the monsters 64 N. Poulsen Smith & Thell Goliath
26.05.23 Show me 32 J. Warren Ricky Cage Show me what you get
20.03.23 Show me the rain Seq E. v.d.Pol, C. Godden & M. Furnell Marnik & Harris & Ford ft. Shibui Raindrop
05.02.24 Sixteen tons 48 C. Ghys, Jose MB Vane Tennessee Ernie Ford Sixteens tons
01.11.13 Silver lining 32 M. Gallagher Kacey Musgraves Silver lining
30.05.14 Skiff-a-Billy line dance 64 CaSi McCrowns Johnny Earle Skiff-a-Billy line dance
07.10.23 Slide a 1/4
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 F. Whitehouse & S. McKeever Brandon Davis Still gona be
14.07.17 Slowly, gently, softly (SGS) 32 G. O'Reilly Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber Despacito
30.08.16 So just dance dance dance! 32 J. M. Belloque Vane & G. Richard Justin Timberlake Can't stop the feeling
Feb. 06 Some beach 64 R. McGowan Hickie Blake Shelton Some beach
07.03.14 Somewhere in my car 64 R. McEnaney Keith Urban Somewhere in my car
15.04.22 Sorry 32 L. Monita Justin Bieber alternativ ClockClock (mit Restart) Sorry
06.08.19 Soul fire 32 R. Vos Anthony Hamilton Woo
27.12.16 Sound of silence 60 G. Mundy Disturbed Sound of silence
17.04.15 South Australia 32 G. O'Reilly Nathan Carter South Australia
05.04.16 Speechless 32 T. Mickers Michael Jackson Speechless
13.02.23 The Sphinx Seq R. Hadisubroto, F. Murray & S. Ward Madonna & Maluma Medellin (Offer Nissim Madame X in the Sphinx Mix)(2022 Remix)
03.11.23 Stand by me 32 R. Verdonk & R. Sarlemijn 45 Stars Stand by me (Ivan Jack Remix)
09.07.19 Starlight 64 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Michael Bublé Such a night
05.09.22 Starlights 64 M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly Westlife Starlight
08.07.16 Starting tonight 48 Y. Anderson The McClymonts Forever begins tonight
21.05.19 Stitch it up 64 R. McGowan Hickie Dean Brothers Elvis medley
11.02.20 Stomp down 32 J. M. Belloque Vane & S. Holtland Rayelle Take down
WS 2
Storm and Stone
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 M. Glover Storm & Stone Run
25.03.16 Strip it down 32 R. McEnaney Luke Bryan Strip it down
16.03.18 Strip that down 64 M. Gallagher & T. Johnson Liam Payne Strip that down
14.04.23 Suave 48 A. Storsveen Alvaro Estrella Suave
19.04.24 Sugar & spice 32 J. Camps, R. Verdonk, Jo Kinser Duguneh, Abi F Jones & Jay Fonseca Milky way
23.08.16 Suite 16
(WS Dizzy Dancers)
48 K. H. Winson Suite 16 Anna-Lee
20.07.20 Sway 64 C. Sullivan Michael Buble Sway
20.07.20 Sweet attraction 32 K. Sala & D. Musk Trish Yearwood What gave me away
23.03.18 Sweet Caroline 56 D. Bailey Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline
Swing your chains
(no Restart)
32 D. Soares & S. Maquire Tina Arena Chains




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
27.04.18 Tag on 64 D. Villellas Beccy Cole Too strong to break
20.09.08 Tailgate 32 D. Albro Neal McCoy Tailgate
Juli 06 Take a breather 32 M. Gallagher Darryl Worley I need a breather
04.11.16 Take me to the river 48 R. Verdonk & J. Dahlgren Kaleida Take me to the river
03.07.18 Taking chances 32 R. Vos Tina Arena Wouldn't be love if it didn't
30.01.09 Tango cha 32 Jo Thompson & D. Szekely Jaci Velasquez Tango
07.02.17 Tango with me Darling 64 R. Fowler & D. Whittaker Michael Nantel Tango
23.04.10 Tap room boogie 64 R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Travis Kidd Maxine's tap room boogie
05.09.14 Tears on a highway 64 F. Sittrop The Common Linnets Calm after the storm
xx.xx.xx Teenage heaven 64 R. McGowan Hickie Deans Teenage heaven
12.08.11 Telepathy 64 C. Hodgson Toby Keith You can't read my mind
25.06.10 Tell me why 64 T. Selzler Travis Tritt
Joe Diffie
Still in love with you
Next thing smokin
22.05.15 Tell the world 32 R. McGowan Hickie Eric Hutchinson Tell the world
10.11.23 Telling on my heart 32 R. Vos Casey Donahew Telling on my heart
18.01.08 Temptation 88 R. McEnaney Nadine Somers Band Temptation
12.06.10 Tennessee waltz surprise 32 A. Chumbley Ireen Sheer Tennessee waltz
20.04.18 Tension 64 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher Fergie Tension
07.09.18 Texas time 64 A. Birchall & J. Jax Keith Urban Texas time
24.06.16 Thinkin' country 48 S. Ward Dierks Bentley What was I thinkin'
26.02.10 This ain't no cha cha 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Alex Swings Oscar Sings Do the cha cha cha
01.10.13 This is me 64 Y. Anderson James House This is me missing you
Okt 08 This is the life Seq G. Schneider Amy MacDonald This is the life
Okt 06 This is us 64 G. Teather Mark Knopfler &
Emmylou Harris
This is us
03.05.13 Throw away the key 68 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Helene Fischer Throw away the key
xx.xx.xx Ticket to heaven 32 R. Fowler Dire Straits Ticket to heaven
24.11.15 Ticket to the blues! 32 N. Poulsen Eruption One way ticket
12.06.18 Tightrope 96 M. Gallagher Michelle Williams Tightrope
03.09.20 TikTok love Seq. D. Meessen & J. M. Belloque Vane Jawsh 685, Jason Derulo Savage love
18.03.22 'Til you can't 32 G. O'Reilly Cody Johnson 'Til you can't
14.03.14 Timber 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Pitbull ft. Kesha Timber
xx.xx.xx Time 2 fly 48 K. Sala Lucie Silvas The same side
Nov 05 Time marches on Seq P. Metelnick Tracy Lawrence Time marches on
Jan 05 Timezone 60 G. Lafferty Alan Jackson Five o'clock somewhere
14.08.15 Tipperary girl 32 M. Kaiser Ritchie Remo Tipperary girl
xx.xx.xx To love somebody 32 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Jordin Sparks To love somebody
26.06.09 Toes 32 R. McEnaney Zac Brown Band Toes
02.12.11 Tomorrow 32 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Chris Young Tomorrow
xx.xx.xx Totally nightclub 32 R. Fowler Westlife Total eclipse of the heart
April 07 Touch me tonight 32 J. H. Robinson Chely Wright
Jennifer Lopez
Single white female
If you had my love
21.09.12 Together we dance 32 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Johnny Reid Dance with me
Mai 05 The trail 64 J. McDonald Billy Ray Cyrus Trail of tears
03.09.21 Train wreck 48 N. Poulsen Jill King Can't let go
31.05.09 Travelin band 48 Y. Hlousek Creedence Clearwater
Travelin band
April 05 Trucking 64 M. Gallagher Brooks & Dunn Independent trucker
14.10.14 Trespassing 32 F. Whitehouse & D. Bailey Adam Lambert Trespassing
Feb 05 Trust me! 64 G. Morrison Fredrik Kempe Vincero
21.11.08 Turn me loose 64 S. Ward Young Divas Turn me loose
20.12.19 Turning tables 32 M. Glover & T. Glover Kane Brown For my daughter
xx.xx.xx Tush push 40 J. Ferrazanno Brother Phelps
Diamond Rio
Any way the wind blows
xx.xx.xx Twist & shout 32 Unbekannt Mary Chapin Carpenter Down at the twist and shout
09.01.18 Twist & turns 64 M. Glover Zac Brown Band Tomorrow never comes




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
15.08.09 U turn
(WS im Old Stuff)
32 R McGowan Hickie Jason Allen Your heart turned Left
29.01.24 Un poquito 32 R. McEnaney, J.T. Szymanski Diego Torres & Carlos Vives Un poquito
15.08.09 Unchain my heart
(WS im Old Stuff)
32 R. Sarlemijn Joe Cocker Unchain my heart
12.03.10 Under the sun 32 K. Chang & S. Hsu Tim Tim Under the sun
15.03.11 Unpredictable 64 R. McGowan Hickie & K. H. Winson Miley Cyrus Two more lonely people
Nov. 04 Until the end 32 M. Gallagher 3 T Stuck on you
20.03.15 Up 64 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato Up
Mai 05 Urban grace 32 Masters In Line Keith Urban But for the grace of god




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
30.03.18 Vaiven 64 R. Fowler Chayanne Vaiven
19.06.18 Vanotek cha 64 G. O'Reilly Vanotek Back to me
08.08.14 Viva la fiesta Seq G. Schneider Mandinga Viva la fiesta
29.01.10 Vertical expression 32 R. McGowan Hickie The Bellamy Brothers Vertical expression
06.03.09 Viva la vida 48 R. McEnaney Belle Perez Que viva la vida
19.10.12 Von allein 32 D. Schröder Culcha Candela Von allein




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
26.04.13 Wagon wheel rock 64 Y. Anderson Nathan Carter Wagon wheel
08.10.22 Waiting for a long time
WS DM2022
32 D. Trepat, R. Hoeben... Bus Boys Boys are back in town
28.03.14 Walk alone 64 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Cher I walk alone
xx.xx.xx Walk the line 26 S. Larkin Bellamy Brothers I need more of you
Jan 07 Walk with me 48 R. Fowler Josh Turner Would you go with me
Feb 06 Walk back to me 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Toby Keith Where you gonna go
15.05.12 Walking away 32 R. McEnaney Zac Brown Band Walking away
Dez 06 Walking backwards 32 R. McGowan Hickie Brandon Sandefur Walking backwards
30.05.10 Walking in the rain 64 M. Gallagher Alex Swings Oscar Sings Walking in the rain
02.08.09 Wallflowers 32 J. H. Robinson Travis Tritt Monkey around
20.10.17 Wandering hearts 32 G. O'Reilly & M. Gallagher The Wandering Hearts Wish I could
05.06.09 Wanna be Elvis 32 R McGowan Hickie Jason Allan Elvis tonight
xx.xx.xx Wanna be me 32 E. Lawton Keith Urban Who wouldn't wanna be me
04.02.20 Wanna know 32 N. Poulsen Bexar Naked
Sep 07 Watching you 64 M. Swift Rodney Atkins Watching you
13.12.16 Water off a duck's back 32 H. Pace Sonny Burgess A little bit of you
31.07.23 Waterfall 32 M. Gallgher Michael Schulte & R3HAB Waterfall
18.10.18 Waves of love 64 G. O'Reilly Drake Jensen Wherever love takes us
xx.xx.xx Wave on wave 32 A. G. Birchall Pat Green Wave on wave
03.09.10 We no speak americano 32 P. v. Grootel Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup We no speak americano
16.01.15 We only live once 64 R. McGowan Hickie Shannon Noll We only live once
06.05.16 Well do ya? 48 K. Ray The Overtones Do you love me?
06.03.20 What a man gotta do 32 S. Blevins & A. Glass Jonas Brothersg What a man gotta do
09.08.19 What about now 32 R. Tate Lonestar What about now
07.05.10 What do you see 64 R. McGowan Hickie Doc Walker What do you see
28.08.12 Where the wind blows 102 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Zac Brown Band The wind
April 05 Where we've been 32 L. Harvey Wilson Alan Jackson Remember when
25.06.19 Whiskey bridges 32 M. Glover Brooks & Dunn Whiskey under the bridge
13.01.12 Whiskey's gone 72 R. Fowler Zac Brown Band Whiskey's gone
29.05.09 White rose 36 G. Teather Toby Keith White rose
24.04.09 Whiter than white 32 K. Ray Annie Lennox A whiter shade of pale
März 07 Whole again 32 S. Johnstone Atomic Kitten Whole again
07.05.22 Wiggle freeze 96 R. Verdonk, R. Sarlemijn, D. Trepat, K. Haugen ... New Wine The wiggle song
20.11.12 Windy city waltz 96 S. Ward, R. Vos & D. Bailey Faith Hill I Love You
15.11.21 Wintergreen 64 M. Gallagher The East Pointers Wintergreen
Juni 06 Wishful thinking 48 J. O'Neill Rodney Crowell Lovin' all night
21.11.14 With or without you 64 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Johnny Sky With or without you
Juli 07 With these eyes 32 D. Bailey & N. Poulsen Roch Voisine With these eyes
20.03.12 Without fire 64 K. H. Winson Michelle Lawson No smoke
28.04.17 Witness Seq F. Whitehouse & D. Bailey Daughtry Witness
10.07.18 Woman amen 64 R. Fowler Dierks Bentley Woman, amen
14.11.14 Woman trouble 64 T. Argyle & K. H. Winson Travis Tritt Take it easy
29.08.08 Wonderful 32 P. McAdam Annie Lennox Wonderful
22.12.23 Work the world 100 R. Lee, M. Furnell & C. Godden Werq the world Time machine
16.03.08 Workin 4 a livin 32 M. Gallagher Garth Brooks
mit Huey Lewis
Workin' for a livin'
Jan 06 The world 64 M. Gallagher Brad Paisley The world
23.08.21 Would have loved her 32 D. Bailey Chris Bandi Would have loved her (Stripped)
25.10.13 WOW Tokyo 64 K. Sala, R. Vos & The Tokyo Line Dancers Anthony Callea I don't care what you say
27.11.15 Written in scars 64 K. H. Winson & Ross Brown Jack Savoretti Written in scars




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
WS 1
Yalla habibi
WS Tanzschule Bäulke
32 K. Kumson Ragheb Alama ft. Seyi Shay & Costi Yalla habibi
02.03.12 Yodel a e tee 32 M. Swift Kikki Danielson Cowboy joddle song
09.04.10 You belong with me 32 M. Hennings-Hunt You belong with me Taylor Swift
22.05.12 You can change 32 M. Schieke Miley Cyrus You'll always find your way back home
15.07.14 Young blood 32 A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Sophie Ellis Bextor Young blood
15.09.15 Your loving arms 32 V. Morris Ed Sheeran Thinking out loud
13.11.15 Your place or mine 64 R. Vos, K. H. Winson & R. McGowan Hickie Alvaro Estrella Bedroom
08.09.07 You're my destiny (Choreographenabend Old Stuff) 64 P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Mark Medlock &
Dieter Bohlen
You can get it
Sep 06 You're so naughty 32 B. Holland Sammy Kershaw &
Lorrie Morgan
He drinks tequila




Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
Aug 07 Zjozzys funk 32 P. v. d. Velden Zucchero Bacco per bacco



...und der Nostalgie wegen: Paar- & Contra Tänze

Datum Tanzname Ct Choreograf Interpret Titel
xx.xx.xx Barn dance 32 D. Matteis & G. Owsley Escape Club
Bob D'piero
Wild wild west
Daddy's money
30.05.08 Billy's dance 48 P. Mercier The Olsen Brothers San Francisco
xx.xx.xx Butterfly 24 Unbekannt Alan Jackson
Garth Brooks
If tomorrow never comes
Jan 07 Cha cha del Rio 64 L. Boezeman Bellamy Brothers
Garth Brooks
Two pina coladas
2007 Cheeseburger 32 S. Bernstein Rednex Cotton eye Joe
04.02.11 City lights swing 32 DJ Dan & W. Miller Rick Trevino City lights
Mai 07 Cowboy cha cha 36 Unbekannt Bellamy Brothers
Clint Black
If I said you had a beautiful body
Golf of Mexico
Juli 07 Dallas walk 32 Unbekannt Garth Brooks
Friends in low places
04.05.08 Ding ding dong 64 Z. Detweiller & S. Riley Tim Tim Singalongsong
Juli 07 El Paso 28 Unbekannt Brooks & Dunn Neon moon
16.05.08 I love this bar 64 D. Girard & J. Godin Toby Keith I love this bar
Jan 06 Jefferson express 42 D. & J. Burchfield Lari White
Doug Supernaw
Dan Seals
Now I know
You never even call me by my...
Love thing
10.02.08 Kiss me kiss me
(Contra-Line-Dance WS im Old Stuff)
48 K. Sala Hot Banditoz Kiss me kiss me
24.10.08 Language of love 34 L. Sansoucy Blaine Larsen I don't know what she said
24.06.11 Long hot summer 64 C. Francoeur & M. Auclair Keith Urban Long hot summer
09.10.09 Lover please come back 32 B. Houle Billy Swan Lover please come back
17.06.09 Mexican wind 96 J. & S. Ebel Jann Brown Mexican wind
Mai 06 New barn dance 32 Unbekannt Brooks & Dunn Only in America
xx.xx.xx Rockabilly riot 64 K. Sala & R. McGowan Hickie Deans
Brian Setzer
Return to sender
Peroxide blonde
Sep 07 Shadow 40 Unbekannt Brad Paisley
Tanya Tucker
Wrapped around
Trail of tears
xx.xx.xx Sixteen steps 24 Unbekannt Gibson Miller Band
Brooks & Dunn
Mama don't let your babies grow
Folsom prison blues
xx.xx.xx Sonora scroll 32 Unbekannt Shania Twain Side kick
07.08.15 Suzanne Suzanne 64 H. Pace The Bellamy Brothers Suzanne, Suzanne
xx.xx.xx Vegas stroll 32 Unbekannt    
xx.xx.xx Waltzing Matilda 48 Unbekannt Patti Page
Vince Gill
Tennessee waltz
My kind of woman


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